Derrick Hum

Property Agent

- REN 10765 -

E-Code: E(3)1521
Contact: 0127230309

Hello, I am Derrick Hum with Property Exchange [E(3) 1521, REN 10765], thanks for viewing my propwall page. Prior to joining real estate industry, I was an Assistant Vice President (AVP) with an international bank in Malaysia. With vast experiences in banking, mortgage lending, sales teammanagement, consumer credit under-writing and other financial services, I am able to provide you a sound advices in acquiring your dream home/ property. I strongly believe that real estate transaction should be conducted in a professional manner and client excellent experience should be Real Estate Negotiator (REN) top priority. You are most welcome to engage myself and team whenever you wish to sell or acquire a property. Together, we can build and achieve our dream in real estate industry. Thank you.