Ukay Perdana

Ukay Perdana is a residential neighborhood situated in Ampang, very near to the Kuala Lumpur city center. This leasehold housing estate is developed by Ukay Land Sdn Bhd and IJM Land (Sierra Ukay). Ukay Perdana offers a few types of houses like 2.5 storey semi-detached houses, apartments and 2.5 storey superlink houses, segregated into 4 sections, respectively called Blossom Ville, Sommer Ville, Sri Hijauan and Summer Ville. There is also a business center dubbed Spring Ville. The Blossom Ville and Sommer Ville section of the neighborhood is where one will find the 2.5 storey semi detached houses, but of different layouts - 6 beds with 5 bathrooms and 5 bed with 3 bathrooms respectively. All this is built up on around 2800 ssf. The Sri Hijauan apartments have a layout of 3 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms each unit, built upon 820 sf space. There is a multipurpose hall for residents' use and also round-the-clock security. Summer Ville is what known by the developer as Talam Premium homes, which are 2.5 storey superlink houses with 5 bed and 4 bathrooms on a 2000 - 2200 sf space. In this section alone, there are four different types of superlink houses. At the scenic end of Jalan Ukay Perdana would be Taman Sierra Ukay (or called Serenia Gardens at launch, completed 2011) which is located in a beautiful valley surrounded by primary natural rainforests, built by IJM Land. This taman has modern DSL houses, and the upcoming De'Bunga semi-detached houses and bungalows (EDC 2016) will also be located here. Ukay Perdana is easily accessed through the MRR2 highway via Jalan Ampang or the Ampang Elevated highway. Being in such a central location, it is easy enough for residents to get anywhere in the city - KLCC is only a 10-minute drive away, and so is Ampang Point. Its location is also easily accessed by various public transportation services.

Property details

  • Name: Ukay Perdana
  • Address: Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
  • Developer: Ukay Land Sdn Bhd & IJM Land Sdn Bhd
  • Type: Apartment, Superlink & Semi-Detached
  • Tenure: Leasehold
  • Subsale Price: RM 499,000.00 - RM 1,860,000.00
  • Rental: RM 900.00 - RM 3,400.00
  • Layouts

  • Blossom Ville
  • 6 rooms + 5 baths (2,800 sf)
  • Sommer Ville
  • 5 rooms + 3 bathrooms
  • Sri Hijauan
  • 3 rooms, 2 bathrooms (800 sf)
  • Summer Ville
  • 5 rooms + 4 bathrooms (2,000 - 2,200 sf)
  • Sierra Ukay
  • 20 x 70 ft (2,000 sf)
  • Facilities

  • 24-hour security
  • Multipurpose hall
  • Market Trends


    Ukay Perdana is a neighborhood situated amongst other neighborhoods, and being so near the city central, some sections which house the many apartments could be quite dense. That said, its location also lends ease because of the numerous public transportation services available (including a regular shuttle bus to Sri Rampai LRT), so it is quite easy to get around, even if one doesn't have a car. In fact, it might be easier to get around that way to Ukay Perdana because of the traffic jams that occur around the area during peak hours. As much as it is conveniently near to KLCC the air around here is also surprisingly fresh and cooling as it is located on hills with plenty of natural rainforests still untouched (Hutan Simpan Ampang & Hulu Gombak). The houses available in Ukay Perdana span vast income levels, from the lower end apartments of Sri Hijauan to the higher end semi-detached houses of Blossom Ville, so there is something for everyone. With the new EKVE (East Klang Valley Expressway) slotted to commence construction in Sept 2014 the main Ukay Perdana road will be upgraded to 3 + 3 lanes. This is because Ukay Perdana itself would have its own highway interchange, that will form the final portion of the KL Outer Ring Road. The junction at the exit for MRR2 would also be upgraded to finally put an end to the peak-hour congestion that is currently experienced.

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