Casa Perdana

Casa Perdana is an exclusive and freehold residential properties situated in one of the fastest growing township in Seberang Perai, Seberang Jaya. This project by VST Development was split into two phases where Phase 1 was completed in 2010 and Phase 2 was completed in 2012. Casa Perdana Phase 1 comprise of 67 units 10 units of semi-detached houses and 67 units of terraces, whereas Phase 2 consist of 44 units of terraces. The semi-detached houses are the biggest units compared to the other two properties, whereby they have been designed with 6 + 1 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms with built-up areas of 3,100 sf. The terraces in Phase 1 of Casa Perdana have 5 + 1 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms with built-up areas of 2,400 sf, whereas Phase 2 terraces are slightly smaller with 4 + 1 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms with built-up areas of 2,373 sf. All units in Casa Perdana are elegantly designed with finest quality finishes and sufficient car parking space. Strategically located surrounding matured housing estate as well as well-developed infrastructures, Casa Perdana is surrounded by myriad amenities. These amenities include schools, hospitals, financial institutions, wet markets, post offices, restaurant and also shopping complexes. Furthermore, Casa Perdana is only mere kilometers away from Penang Bridge, Juru Auto City and Bukit Mertajam town. Casa Perdana is easily accessible via the main road of Jalan Baru and the highway of Utara - Selatan Highway. The nearest and easiest public transportation that is close to Casa Perdana is the Megamal Rapid Penang Bus Hub which is only about 2 km away.

Property Details

  • Name: Casa Perdana
  • Address: Off Tingkat Pauh Jaya 1, Seberang Jaya, 13500 Seberang Perai, Penang
  • Developer: VST Development
  • Completion Date
  • Phase 1: 2010
  • Phase 2: 2012
  • Type
  • Phase 1: Semi-Detached & Terrace
  • Phase 2: Terrace
  • Tenure: Freehold
  • No. of Storey: 2.5
  • No. of Units
  • Semi Detached: 10
  • Terrace Phase 1: 67
  • Terrace Phase 2: 44
  • No. of Bedrooms: (4+1) - (6+1)
  • No. of Bathrooms: 4 - 6
  • Built-up: 2,373 - 3,100 sf
  • Subsale Price: From RM570,000
  • Layouts

  • Phase 1
  • Semi-Detached
  • 6+1 bedrooms + 6 bathrooms (3,100 sf)
  • Terrace
  • 5+1 bedrooms + 5 bathrooms (2,400 sf)
  • Phase 2
  • Terrace
  • 4+1 bedrooms + 4 bathrooms (2,373 sf)
  • Facilities

  • Car park
  • Analysis

    The subsale price for Casa Perdana is based on the asking price in July 2014. Those who are living in Casa Perdana get to enjoy not only the exquisite design of the units, but also the convenient of having plenty of amenities just within mere minutes away. Not only that, the area is also situated close to many tourist attractions in Penang. In 2013, the property market for Casa Perdana has raised significantly, which benefit many of the investors that bought the units in Casa Perdana at launching price. Casa Perdana is one the developments that are sought after for investment as it has great capital appreciation due to its strategic location, magnificent features and surrounding amenities.

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