Wisma Kien Tat

Wisma Kien Tat is a commercial development that is situated in the established and thriving Klang Valley area, which is the heartland of Malaysia's industrial and commercial scene. There are many other developments in the building's vicinity which are similar to it. This urban and industrially developed area is now home to a population of approximately 7.5 million, many of which are migrants from other states within Malaysia and foreign workers.

The Wisma Kien Tat building was commissioned and developed by the Kien Tat Group Of Companies, which is a merger of many smaller companies, and can trace its founding back to the year of 1962. The Group is since largely responsible for services such as civil and general building as well as specialized mechanical and electrical engineering.

In the building's surrounding area, there is a whole host of various amenities that are only a few minutes drive away, indeed some of them are within walking distance if one is feeling up to it. Apart from the necessary places such as eateries, there are also convenience stores, educational institutions, places of worship, petrol stations and a medical centre. For the eateries, visitors and tenants of Wisma Kien Tat will be spoilt for choice with a mix of Western and Asian alike, such as New Boston Restaurant, KFC and Pizza Hut, Pai Kut King and Emporium Food Court.

For convenience stores, there is a sprinkling of a few 7-Eleven shops around the nearby areas itself which makes it easy for one to obtain daily essentials. Caltex and BHP make up some the petrol stations available while for educational institutions, there is SMK Tinggi Klang, SJKC Pin Hwa 2 and SJKC Kong Hoe. Finally, Hospital Bersalin Metro is a medical centre just a few streets away whilst there is the Masjid DiRaja Klang Utara and a Hindu temple a few minutes drive away for those who wish to fulfil their religious worship.

Accessibility wise, the Klang Valley area can be reached via the Federal Highway and the New Klang Valley Expressway or NKVE. The Federal Highway serves as the main vein to the Klang Valley area since it connects major cities of to it, including Klang, Shah Alam, Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur. The NKVE is the second link to Kuala Lumpur from Klang Valley after the Federal Highway. It has no rest and service areas but there are many petrol station stops along the way.

Property Details

  • Name: Wisma Kien Tat
  • Address: Jalan Miri Off Jalan Raja Bot, Klang, Selangor
  • Developer: Kien Tat Group Of Companies
  • Type: Commercial
  • Tenure:
  • No. of Storey: 6
  • Subsale Price:

  • Analysis

    It is advisable for tenants and visitors of Wisma Kien Tat to be wary of terrible traffic snarls that are an almost-daily occurrence along both major highways. The Federal Highway is the busiest highway in Klang Valley during rush hour as much of the massive traffic jam is due to people going to or from Kuala Lumpur. The same heavily busy condition applies to the NKVE as it is a second choice for people to use in order to get to the Klang Valley.

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