Ascadia Lake View

Ascadia Lake View is an often overlooked apartment complex in Pandan Perdana, due to its low density, compared to the dense, multi-block, crowded high rises in the nearby areas in Shamelin and Pandan Mewah. Fewer number of units means it will appear in classified ads and discussions much less frequently, but it is a hidden gem. How many apartment complexes in the area can boast being lakeside, instead of being surrounded by masses of concrete? Before or after a hard day's work, having a nice jog or walk around the lake, just downstairs, is a rare treat. Feng shui fans might relish the peaceful and protective chi from the lake. Ascadia Lake View is a no-frills apartment, not condominium, so facilities are sparse but the well-equipped Pandan Lake Club is just on the other side of the lake. This saves residents from having to pay for facilities they might not use, while leaving a convenient option for those who like active and healthy lifestyles. The club has tennis courts, large swimming pool, gym, bowling alley and indoor badminton courts. The world champion Sidek brothers used to train there in their heyday!

Property Details

  • Name: Ascadia Lake View
  • Address: Pandan Perdana, Ampang, Selangor
  • Type: Condominium
  • Tenure: Leasehold
  • No. of Block: 3
  • No. of Storey: 10
  • No. of Units: 240
  • Subsale Price: RM 250,000.00 - RM 350,000.00
  • Rental: RM 1,000.00 - RM 1,100.00
  • Analysis

    As in the case of many developments, the initial management of Ascadia Lake View by the developer-appointed company was lacklustre at best. However, after a Joint Management Body was formed by residents a few years ago, the interests of tenants and owners seem to be satisfactorily looked after. Security, cleanliness and parking has definitely improved, resulting in a peaceful place to live. The rentals at Ascadia Lake View range from RM700 for a bare unit, to RM900 and up for furnished units. Prices have stagnated around the RM120K - RM130K range until 2010, although value will have appreciated along with the rest of the market. This is hard to factor in since units for sale are rare.

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