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Penang is the second most thriving state next to Selangor, located in the Northern part of Malaysia. Penang consists of the mainland and the Penang Island, of which the mainland's major residential areas are Butterworth, Seberang Jaya. Bukit Mertajam and the upcoming Juru and Bukit Minyak. The mainland and island are connected by the Penang Bridge that was officially opened in 1985. Due to the extreme high number of vehicles that travel to and fro the bridge each day, a second bridge is being constructed on the Southern part of the island connecting at Batu Kawan. The second bridge is estimated to be completed in 2014.

Property development has been rocketing off the scale due to the lack of land on the island, a situation similar to Hong Kong where space is precious, and prices of property in Penang are expected to increase by at least 10% in 2013. Expensive high rises with premium facilities targeted towards expats are the current trend as can be witnessed in new developments on the island such as Seri Tanjung Pinang and Tanjung Bungah. The most sought after properties are in Georgetown which is the capital of Penang, Tanjung Tokong which is mere kilometres from the capital, Bukit Ferringhi which houses Penang's own Hard Rock Hotel and Cafe and Bukit Gambier which is an enclave of hillside homes.

Penang will make an interesting home as one of its main income is tourism. Food is the main attraction as it is said that every shop whether big, small or is free standing by the roadside, sells good food. Secondly will be their historical buildings that got Penang a place in the Unesco's heritage site listing. Third will be its places of worship for every religion, with the most talked about one being the Kek Lok Si temple which took more than 20 years to build. Other than that Penang is a fascinating place to walk about with its curious mix of the modern world mingling amongst history where even the street signs display the queer eccentricities of the Penang state.

Being one of the most prosperous state in Malaysia, Penang has a full range of facilities for medical centres, banks and shopping malls. Businesses in this state thrive abundantly, especially the entertainment line. First time motorists in this state may have trouble getting used to the roads within the city as they are all one way streets; therefore getting muddled will be no mean feat. Traffic congestion is bad especially during peak hours, and worsens during the holiday season partly due to the fact that public transportation is bad in Penang and trains are non-existent.
Penang Average Property Price
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PeriodPropertyPrice (RM psf)Net Change (Month)% Change
Mar 2017N-Park, Batu Uban467.80-28.39-5.7
May 2017Sunny Ville, Batu Uban444.92-47.13-9.6
Jan 2017Gurney Park, Gurney Drive772.9910.221.3
Jul 2017Villa Emas, Bayan Indah581.2550.439.5
May 2017BaysWater, Gelugor691.19-50.70-6.8
Jul 2017Gold Coast, Bayan Indah641.6721.803.5
Aug 2017Desa Pinang 2, Jelutong403.23-25.34-5.9
Jun 2017E-Park, Batu Uban489.8830.076.5
Aug 2017Quayside, Seri Tanjung Pinang1,036.47-173.07-14.3
Mar 2017The Cove, Tanjung Bungah499.441.520.3
Feb 2017Springfield, Sungai Ara530.1970.7315.4
Aug 2017Vista Gambier, Bukit Gambier528.99-29.46-5.3
Nov 2016Pinang Court 1, Jelutong367.1842.5013.1
Jan 2017The View, Batu Uban543.20-18.23-3.2
Aug 2017Woodsbury Suites, Butterworth575.3834.716.4
Aug 2017The Peak Residences, Tanjung Tokong607.13-27.97-4.4
Jul 20171 Persiaran Gurney, Gurney Drive808.6977.7610.6
Aug 2017Orchard Ville, Sungai Ara542.523.950.7
Aug 2017Tree Sparina @ Ideal Vision Park, Bayan Lepas507.69-29.98-5.6
Jul 2017The Golden Triangle, Relau440.71-0.34-0.1

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