Nada Alam, Nilai

Nada Alam is an exclusive landed property that upholds the vision ‘Nature Resonance @ Pajam’ by the distinguished developer, Seri Pajam Development, in Nilai. This freehold development project in yet to be explored territory is expected for completion in 2019. The development was designed from the onset to meet the increasing demand for houses that blend the comforts of modern technology and green touches.

Nestling in the humbling town of Pajam / Nilai, the aspiration may be fulfilled as the town is yet to be dominated with high-rise buildings or high-density neighborhoods. Cocooned in a 13 acres of green area, the residents can expect to be living in a relax and calm environment, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the city. True to its motto, Nada Alam has set a plan to develop five concept area parks to be appreciated by the residents after a long hard day of work.

Also, first in the area is the 7-kilometers jogging track in the affluent neighborhood, connecting all Nada. To date, there is no such facility reported in nearby residential areas. Therefore, prospective buyers may be drawn in to Nada Alam due to this factor. Moreover, the neighborhood is protected by the state-of-the-art three-tier security so the residents can enjoy making use of the facilities, including the highly anticipated wetland, without worrying about their safekeeping.

The first phase of Nada Alam, Nada 1, is comprised of fully extended 2-storey terrace houses built upon 20 ft x 70 ft of land. There are two types of residences offered to the buyers; Type A and Type B. While both types have the same number of bedrooms and bathrooms, 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, they differ in terms of built-up areas. The gross built-up for Type A is between 2,366 and 2,543 sf, while Type B ranges from 2,412 to 2,545 sf. Prospective buyers may find the three-phase wiring and underground cabling convenient for their household.

Nada 3 is the second phase of Nada Alam. Unlike Phase 1, Phase 2 consists of two types of residential houses; 2-storey terrace and semi-detached. The semi-detached houses are built upon 40 ft x 80 ft of land, with built-up areas of 3,333 sf. The sizeable house offers 5 bedrooms, 6 bedrooms and a lanai across two floors. This type comes with home fire protection equipment, air-conditioner piping ready, rain harvesting system, solar system, shower screens and three-tier security features to the discerning residents. Meanwhile, the 2-storey terrace houses have built-up areas of between 2,774 and 2,822 sf with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Built upon 22 ft x 70 ft of land, the houses here are slightly larger than Nada 1 Type B. The 2-storey houses of this phase have fully extended balcony, 5 ft lanai and extended car porch. It also have the convenience of three-phase wiring and underground cabling.

Furthermore, Nada Alam applies the Industrialised Building System (IBS) in its design and construction. IBS is a technique of construction of which components of the building are manufactured in a controlled environment. It can either be at site or off site. Later, the components will be placed and assembled into construction works. This new technique saves time and resources, hence, making it more practical for both developers and home owners.

While it may seem far off from the city centre, accessing Nada Alam is not difficult at all. It is located off Pajam / Nilai exit of Lebuhraya Kajang - Seremban (LEKAS) Highway. Using the highway, commuting to Kuala Lumpur Golden Triangle during the weekdays takes about 45 minutes and in 35 minutes time it will take the residents to Putrajaya. Those who prefer to take the public transportation can utilize the train by taking the KTM train at Batang Benar station, located two minutes away. Those who prefer a faster train can opt for the ERL train at Salak Tinggi Station, located 15 to 20 minutes away.

Property Details

  • Name: Nada Alam
  • Address: 71800 Nilai, Negeri Sembilan
  • Developer: Seri Pajam Development
  • Completion Date
  • Nada 1: Jan 2015 (estimate)
  • Nada 3: December 2015 (estimate)
  • Type
  • Nada 1: 2-Storey Terrace
  • Nada 3: 2-Storey Terrace & Semi-Detached
  • Tenure: Freehold
  • No. of Storey
  • Nada 1: 2
  • Nada 3: 2
  • No. of Units
  • Nada 1 Type A: 78
  • Nada 1 Type B: 120
  • Nada 3 2-Storey Terrace: 78
  • Nada 3 Semi-Detached: 36
  • No. of Bedrooms
  • Nada 1: 4
  • Nada 3 2-Storey Terrace: 4
  • Nada 3 Semi-Detached: 5
  • No. of Bathrooms
  • Nada 1: 4
  • Nada 3 2-Storey Terrace: 4
  • Nada 3 Semi-Detached: 6
  • Dimension
  • Nada 1 Type A: 22 ft x 70 ft
  • Nada A Type B: 20 ft x 70 ft
  • Nada 3 2-Storey Terrace: 22 ft x 70 ft
  • Nada 3 Semi-Detached: 40 ft x 80 ft
  • Built-up
  • Nada 1 Type A: 2,366 - 2543 sf
  • Nada 1 Type B: 2,412 - 2,545 sf
  • Nada 3 2-Storey Terrace: 2,774 - 2,822 sf
  • Nada 3 Semi-Detached: 3,333 sf
  • Launch Price
  • Nada 3 2-Storey Terrace: RM536,700 - RM841,950
  • Nada 3 Semi-Detached: RM1,078,000 - RM1,646,890
  • Facilities

  • 13 acres green park
  • 5 concept park
  • 1 wetland
  • 7 km jogging park
  • 3 tier security
  • Analysis

    Seri Pajam Development has made significant contributions in evolving Negeri Sembilan area with notable development projects such as Perdana College Heights @ Pajam, Bandar Warisan Puteri @ Seremban, Nusa Intan @ Senawang and Tiara Heights @ Salak Tinggi. With Nada Alam, the developer can make a mark in having visionary development project set to set the bar for other development projects in Negeri Sembilan.

    The location for Nada Alam is quite obscure from the public eye, especially those who are not familiar with Negeri Sembilan territory. Nestled deep in the Nilai / Pajam vicinity, with the 13 acres of green area with five concept area parks can really appeal to those who are looking forward to peace and tranquility after years of hard work and traffic fumes in the city.

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