Investing in Oasis Ara Damansara by Sime Darby

Posted by shawn-teng on 27-May 2011

Heard that Ara Damansara area is going to be boom next after so many years of halted development..I was told that big players like Sime Darby Property, SD Plantation, Siemens will move in to Oasis Ara Damansara ..thinking of investing in a Service Suite there is not many residential condo with freehold status along Jln Lapangan.....Experts I need your opinion.... (pls dont recommend me any other project, I either invest in this area or I dont for personal reasons)

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Posted by kamion on 17-Jun 2011

I was told CIMB bought the corner shop unit in Block A, the block that faces the main road leading into Ara Damansara. There are only 10 ground floor units facing that main road. I guess we'll only know for sure when they open for business.

Posted by investor221 on 17-Jun 2011

Hongwee you are very right, Papparich just opened yest and the business is so good....... aiyoooohhh should've bought a shop unit nearby and open a restaurant to cater the office crowd... before the 1.5k moving... alrd dreaming about how my business will do.....

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Posted by genghisK on 17-Jun 2011

Heh's a very good to hear ...well now for the juicy details i am about to tell you.. now another sibling has jumped into the Oasis bandwagon, who knows probably all the siblings already invested in Oasis too...dont get me wrong... it's a very good thing indeed for Oasis......probably big thing coming ahead of us (wink... wink) thing for sure..there are too many big players with high stakes in this place and they will make sure this place will not tank...we small players just sail along and go with the flow...hehehehe

Posted by bubblebob on 18-Jun 2011

Hi Genghis, nice to meet you here, btw, who is "sibling" that you are referring to? I heard that SD is getting an anchor tenant to manage the leasing for the retail lots at the service apartment block in Oasis. Maybe they are trying to compete with Citta on a smaller scale?

As for the FNB outlet, is it true that SD has got more application that the number of units available?

Oh ya, some minor details, saw from my friend's office in Oasis, apparently the top floor of each F&B unit has a lawn!! They look very nice from the top. I wonder if they are using every floor.

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Posted by genghisK on 18-Jun 2011

Hello Bubblebob! It's nice to finally meet you here.... the sibling... ok lar maybe I will pm u(but keep in to yourself), cannot be too directlar.. good to hear some update from you... maybe I think Oasis will be more like the curve than citta mall..anyway thanks for your update on citta mall pls give us an update next saturday and some juicy details on the opening. The lawn can be seen in many newly built condo/structure nowadays, perhaps to insulate the heat for the most top unit, you knowlar Malaysian weather..the price for Oasis corporate tower that will be launched end of this year is tentatively priced at 600 to 700/psf for now with 5 to 10% early bird discount.

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Posted by genghisK on 18-Jun 2011

With more demand than supply for the F&B alfresco unit, I heard that Sime Darby/Brunsfield are very determine to put forward the best brand to represent Oasis and one of them is Apple store and with Apple there seems like it's not all F&B. As for the leasing out of the retail unit at Oasis Suites I think that highly likely candidate is CBD...

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Posted by shawn-teng on 22-Jun 2011

Wahh! So many massages since my last postlah, thanks guys and gals, genghis are you an insider or something ah,,, wah can become property guru liaw, so damn kennnn, I think I know what you meant by siblings liaow :>, kind of, mind to PM me also :>:>

Posted by Jess3707 on 25-Jun 2011

seems that there are other condos /residenced apartments coming up as well eg..Eve about Pacific place? are these in the same league as Oasis Residential Suites?

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Posted by genghis_khann on 27-Jun 2011

Hi Jessie, before I start, I would like to clearify that I am not a Sime Darby staff or SD arse-kisser, nor do I live in Ara Damansara, my suggestions is just straight from a investment point-of-view. First let us look at SD, Sime Darby is one of the biggest conglomerate in Malaysia, with approx 40 bil in total assets this explains why they can obsorb even lost of billion riggit last year and still come out unscretched. Why is this important? Well, about 6 years ago, Ara Damansara was in the midst of booming, followed closely with a name-changing project called Platinium Damansara, the developer was Dataran Mantin, which belong to the Kumpulan Langkawi Resources Group (KLRG),somehow halfway thru the project, the developer went bust (many believed the directors ran off with the money) which left many investors in the lurch. Fast-forward to 2 years later another project called NZX started in AD, it was a hot favorite for investors and the subsale price of shop lot and even offices went out 2 to 4 times than the developer price, eager to cash in SM land sets up more Kioz in the main hallway for rental, enable them to earns millions a month from the additional rental collected ,soon the place started to loose attractiveness due to SM's complacency and lack of foresights on how to how make the visitors keep coming back to NZX. Until today like PD, NZX becomes a bad testament for AD as a whole.
Fast forward again to this year, first commercial Oasis AD was about to be completed by Sime Darby, this time we have one of the biggest company taking helm of the last remaining freehold land in Damansara area, expectation is high while investor remained careful, I personally think this time will be different because we have the largest land owner of Ara Damansara and with additional 126 acres remaining to complement Oasis.
If you have been to Sime Darby showroom you will understand what I am talking about. Sime Darby/Brunsfiled clearly has a massive plan and foresights for AD. Not only is SD able to develop this place they can easily transfer over thousand of its employees to inject life to AD, which we can see it already happening with more reported to come once the plantation HQ is CFed. Slowly but surely , one by one, announcement of completion were made and AD as a commercial centre started to take shape. Let's assume if PD or NZX were to be successful during their time, do you think we will still be able to get 450 to 550 psf price that we get today in subsale market? I don’t think so the price would be more like 700 psf rangeand few times more for shop lots units. PP and Eve Suites is not a bad investment but they lack of land bank to complement their project and there is higher possibility for them to go bust like DM compare to SD. Lack of foresigh planning can only make them depend heavily on government project like LRT. Furthermore, Sime Darby Property Bhd has the largest land bank in the country, totalling 36,000 acre, this itself easily dwarfed SM Land and Island Circle, which made them harder to go bust. Don’t get me wrong, PP and Eve Suites is still a good investment but Oasis is clearly a better and safer choice.

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Posted by shawn-teng on 28-Jun 2011

V. well written Genghis! Thank you for your pm...:> Another reason to invest Oasis is the VVIP effect...:> :>

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Posted by genghis_khann on 29-Jun 2011

Hi Thean, I am interested , pls let us know how much is the shoplot unit alone.. how much psf you are offering and the total size...

Posted by V.P Lim on 08-Jul 2011

Good day, every one.

For office unit
Block A, sized at least 1,851sf - 16,000sf, people are asking for about RM460 ~ RM 490 psf
Office units in Block B sized about 1,000sf to 1,200sf, asking for RM435 psf up.

For Retail lot, there are few units for sale. But they are selling with condition.

Posted by Joe on 12-Jul 2011

Eve suites will be bad for residential due to the LRT depot noise (until 4.00 am), ask D'Aman Ria residents will know.

Posted by Jess3707 on 16-Jul 2011

wonder why there are not many units of oasis serviced residences for sale in the subsale market since vp should be in a couple of months or so?

Posted by gula_boy on 20-Jul 2011

I think it's becoz of oasis was lauched in phases, phs I and II, phs I was 3 yrs ago at least and phs II will be finishing in next 2 months,selling price will be higher for phs II. the 1 in the mkt now is from phs I. I think phs II structure and layout is much better than phs I. my 2 cents.