Investing in Oasis Ara Damansara by Sime Darby

Posted by shawn-teng on 27-May 2011

Heard that Ara Damansara area is going to be boom next after so many years of halted development..I was told that big players like Sime Darby Property, SD Plantation, Siemens will move in to Oasis Ara Damansara ..thinking of investing in a Service Suite there is not many residential condo with freehold status along Jln Lapangan.....Experts I need your opinion.... (pls dont recommend me any other project, I either invest in this area or I dont for personal reasons)

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Posted by Barry Low on 30-May 2011

It is depends on you whether you believe the rumor or not,

If you believe, I will just say go ahead, and bear all the risk yourself,

From my point of view, Ara Damansara still need time to grow,

I expect another 5 - 10 years, unless suddenly massive projects is going on this area,

However, I also know that less people willing to pay for the current market price between RM 400psf to RM 480 psf

If you investment planning is long run like 10 years

You can go ahead...

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Posted by shawn-teng on 31-May 2011

Thanks for your opinion, I was offered 580psf for Oasis Suites, I am surprised that not many units for sale in the market...and I think it's reasonable since many of the development around that area is already touching the same price with leasehold status and when I see the future development Sime Darby plans for this area is very thinking of making a plunge with few units..May I know has Sime Darby ever failed to develop a township???

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Posted by Johnnyk on 31-May 2011

SDP should be considered township king in Msia, Ara Damansara can be considered a half-suceess township for now, if it take another 10 years to develop AD (which I doubt) then Jelutong with take 30 years...
Shwan.. how big is the unit?

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Posted by shawn-teng on 01-Jun 2011

Few units @670sf and @ 570 sf come wif built-in wardrobe, kitchen cabinet and hot water system.

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Posted by Hong Wee on 02-Jun 2011

oasis should be okay for investment, I've vested some unit there also, so in case you dont know, here is the highlights of things to come in that areaan decide for you so you can decide for yourself:

1. Citta strip mall is going 2 open soon in mid June
2. Employees of sime darby property alrdy moving in bit by bit to oasis, 3. Sime darby plantation office completed ahead of schedule and is going to move into office next to oasis end of the year mind you this is a huge huge complex & will create immediate impact on AD as a commercial hub.
4. Alrd confirmed to be a international college there
5. sime darby hospital will be opening soon.
6. SD auto city work complexes will start next year.
7. behind oasis is where the future Tesco will be.
8. 2 LRT/MRT stations already started work within the prmises.
9. oasis corporate park will be lauched next year...
10. apple store, maybank, kfc, old town, papppa rich, KUB, siemens, fisherman, tony romas are all in talk to be the tenant in oasis...
11. heard that sime darby is determined transform al-fresco in oasis the equalvalent of the curve..

mind you I am the real expert of AD...

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Posted by Johnnyk on 02-Jun 2011

Shawn...I think that is the right size to choose considering the area would mostly be working class people after all SD staff moved in.

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Posted by Johnnyk on 09-Jun 2011

Shawn you are going to thank me for breaking this news to you...heard from reliable person that Ara D'sara is going to be flooded by 1500 employees from Sime's Plantation at the end of this year. Not sure how Ara D'sara is going to cope with this exodus..but one direct beneficiary is the F&B outlets in Oasis which is just next to this huge Sime's Plantation complex, to cater 1500 hungry stomachs everyday is not an easy task.

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Posted by Hong Wee on 10-Jun 2011

That's the reason I vested in that area because I belif from day one that Sime Darby Brunsfield is going to execute the township plan as promised, still.. holy molly 1.5k as you say is like an exodus, how SD plantation management going to deal with so little food outlet available in that area? own cafeteria (get bored after a while)? NZX square? Dana?( A bit too far away..) walking distance will be Oasis, but Oasis , I dont think so lar, I doubt it can cater to additional 1.5k crowd because Oasis have to deal with it's own crowd.. if I were Old town/KFC/MacD/Pizza/Pappa Rich/ Pappa John and all kind of pappas that is the area I am going to zoom into.

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Posted by Johnnyk on 10-Jun 2011

Shoplot in Oasis is a sure bet but one need to have bullets to buy bcoz Sime only sells them enbloc, nevertheless, all been sold out, stand-alone subsale unit is hard to come by...if you have any let me know.. the service suites and office unit are not a bad choice either because sime's staffs will be aiming for the suites and sime's subsidiaries at the office unit... I can comfortably say that without Sime Darby, Ara Damansara will take decades to make like what been said by Frederick above...

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Posted by shawn-teng on 13-Jun 2011

wow...1.5K going to move in to AD? That is going to be carnivalrish atmosphere everyday , I thnk I've made a good choice... agreed with you I think shop lot will be a very good investment but not so much bullet larr. What abt Pacific Place? I saw some shoplot for sale there.... what do you think? Too far? but LRT is going to be very near worrr..

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Posted by Johnnyk on 13-Jun 2011

Finally ...the what we've been waiting so long for announcement made by Sime Darby that the 280 mil Sime Darby Medical Centre Ara Damansara will be opened in November this year.The hospital will inject few thousand more people to ara damansara include patients from neigbouring countries like Indonesia & Singapore seeking for specialist treatment in brain, heart, spine and joint diseases. Pacific place will not be a bad investment too, if the developer deliver what they promised exp LRT , but keep in mind tthat it is a leasehold title.

Posted by investor221 on 15-Jun 2011

I was a skeptic abt investing for Ara Damansara, I really lost hope of investing in this area again after been burned investing in The Platinium Damansara many years back, but I slowly come over this grief although I will not invest in AD anymore but I must say that I have this urged of taking the 2nd shot after seeeing for myself what is to come to this town.. great information guys!! Keep on ths good work...just found out this website and I like it especially the Q&A session...

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Posted by Johnnyk on 15-Jun 2011

Will use the soft opening of much awaited Citta Mall next Saturday as a yardstick to see how AD is going to perform in general..but I dont expect to see instant sucess but Citta will do very well over time..

Posted by kamion on 16-Jun 2011

I think this area will be a hit as soon as Sime moves into their offices. What more with the new medical centre up the road, the people from there will have to come to Oasis for their needs as there's not really very much else close by.

I heard CIMB bought the block corner unit facing the main road, though I cannot be sure if that's correct!

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Posted by genghisK on 17-Jun 2011

Hmm you are talking about the one beside block E ?? That is the one that Siemens is going to move into .. probably CIMB bought the unit and rent it out to Siemens..or probably you are talking about other block what I know is that for sure .. Maybank is going to move in to Oasis one of the confirmed I have mentioned in Ara Damansara website that there are some major hotels in talk to be the anchor tenant of Oasis Corporate Park.... probably to facilitate oasis being the hub of Health tourism ...with SD AD Medical Centre and also upcoming Ara wellness centre, also for for people going into convention and also the subang airport...