Why Mont Kiara property is so hard to rent out?

Posted by Barry Low on 14/05/2011 18:18

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I Love Mont Kiara, that the reasons I only service Mont Kiara area...

Many owners complaint

1. Very Hard to get tenant
2. I rented out my others property and move into Mont Kiara now...

***I wish I don't offend anybody, just a personal opinion***

What is the reasons?


What the?.......... You are right? Invest must get good rental or else why You invest?

Then I would ask a question? DO you really know what you doing when you start your investment in Mont Kiara?

Do you really think tenant is so stupid? and simply rent an unit regardless of price?

They also human being and know how to compare the price... You will look for the better price unit to BUY IN. What about tenant?

Normally, investor is expect to get at least 7% and above rental return...

that means if you bought 1 property at 1mil in Mont Kiara and expected to get RM 6000 rental... (regardless of partly or fully furnish)

How many people in Malaysia can afford?

Yes, you are right? Expats can afford cause currency convert to RM is very cheap to them...

But do you think Expats is brainless and dont know how to compare price and look for the best unit to suit their financial planning?

It is too obvious that, Too Many followers (second grade investor) see other people success earning in Mont Kiara property investment and they start follow and BUY IN even at higher price and expect can get good return...

So, the price keep increasing, and the rental price also keep increasing until expats also complaint Mont Kiara is overpriced...

At the end, they keep their unit vacant long time -> hopeless to get tenant-> better own stay =.= Mont Kiara is a suck place to invest...

Actually i have a formula guarantee you can rented out your unit,

Try to rent it at RM 1000 and see... You property will be super hot cake in Mont Kiara... Your phone will be spamming by inquiries or phone call...

Am I right? Actually many expats like to stay in Mont Kiara community, Sunrise, Asiaquest, Ireka do a very success job in Building up Mont Kiara.

What i trying to say here is... Think before you invest, dont simply follow other people and make the market out of control... If you bought at high price in Mont Kiara... No Problem... Rent out at lower price first, must cover your installment and management fees... no positive cash flow is fine... Just rent out first... Every Owner keep doing this and make Mont kiara happening first then only talk about rental price...

(Some old building condo owner expect the rental can follow the new condo)
(Some owner simply furnish their property, just buy some IKEA furniture, just put in and expect the rental can follow the best unit on the market)
(Some owner dont even care to upgrade their property and repair the defects and expect the rental can same or other better unit)

MANY MANY OTHERS ISSUE, I have a lot of stories to tell after working 3 years in Mont Kiara market...

What do you think? Please give some opinion... Above are just my personal perspective... NO HARM, NO OFFEND and thank you for reading

For me, if you know how to choose property. Mont Kiara still a good place to invest... THanks

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