Suasana Bukit Ceylon

Posted by caisin on 30-Nov 2010

Recently launch of Suasana Bukit Ceylon in both KL & SG...heard the 1 bedroom is SOLD out!

How about the one facing Maybank Tower or BSKL? worth to invest?

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Posted by Joe on 30-Nov 2010

What is the price you're getting?

Posted by caisin on 01-Dec 2010

Hi Joe,

During the invited launch period and should be RM8++.

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Posted by Ricky Leong on 01-Dec 2010

Dear Caisin,
RM8++psf I think it's not bad. Anyway it's 36 month later storey and free MOT. Worth.....

Posted by casey chin on 01-Dec 2010

Frankly speaking, to me, Bukit Ceylon area despite having geographically similarity with the top notch Ardmore Park area (off Orchard, Singapore) and Mid-level area(off Central, Hong Kong), next to the bustling and porch Bukit Bintang yet enjoying greenery and serenity, Bukit Ceylon has seemed yet to unveil its real value like its counterparts in SG and HK.

I personally like this area very much and love its quality residents mix, and whether its price is going to escalate in near term... I don't really think so but I do think it is just the matter of time... The current price for those freehold apartments in these area are similar to those leasehold public housing of Singapore's in rural area... it is unjustified.

I think there are still 1 to 2 units of 1 bedroom left from its 2nd pre-launch all facing BSKL, but not very sure on the price offered.

Posted by caisin on 01-Dec 2010

Ricky: May I know what is MOT?

Chin: Is difficult to compare to Singapore or HK as their country is limited land area even outside the CBD area.

However is there is stil units left and the price is alright, then can consider...

Personally I like the greenery concept and hopefully it will keep it or increase the green surrounding and the Istana is there and the security should be better...

Posted by Joe on 01-Dec 2010

Actually, a decade ago, most locals would relate Bukit Ceylon to crime, ghetto, slump, prostitution, etc. As it is notorious for gangsterism due to places like Jalan Alor, etc. But the face of Bukit Ceylon is gradually changing, that's why the slack in price gain, thanks to booming areas in the vicinity, e.g. KLCC, Bukit Bintang! I expect it to catch up when these activities have fully been purged in the near future.

Posted by casey chin on 01-Dec 2010

Caisin, you are right, comparing KL to HK and SG would be too extreme, but those trends are happening everywhere from HCMC to Shanghai, from Seoul to Aukland. People are flocking into the City, expats and professionals are moving into the CBDs.

Anyway, I would consider this as long term investment engine, and am attracted by to it because:
1. The design of the Suasana project as a whole;
2. Safe factor like the reputation of the developer. (I love my Somerset).
3. Much lower high-end property price in KL CBD compare to regional cities(even HCMC and Bangkok are higher); Malaysia has long cocooned in the protection of generous subsities and restrictions, that make it the lowest living price to income in the region. Sooner or later, it has to move with the world.
4. Lower Bukit Ceylon entry price compare to other KL CBD areas;
5. KL yet to unveil its value despite the recent price hike,
6. KL is still the smallest capital in terms of %of population to Malaysia population as a whole in this region; More rooms to growth.
7. Oversupply concern limits the recent price growth that provide reasonable price bargain power;
8. Bigger correction buffer on the current 6-8% rental yield in Bukit Ceylon, we hardly find at this any in the region. Singapore's average is only 2.5%-3.5%.

Posted by caisin on 01-Dec 2010

Chin, You got your point and pass by Somerset and really like the area as the most important to attract the exprat for rental or future price rise will be justified by below factors...

- security of the area
- greenery concept which I do believe not only foreigner but local as well who nowadays seldom back to their hometown as the kids growing
- CBD area (ceylon especially near to Istana of Pahang) is limited
- average price compare to HCMC or BKK which is really higher than wht happen in KL. and of course we no need to compare with those in SG or HK.

SO as a conclusion, worth to invest overall ?

Posted by casey chin on 02-Dec 2010

caisin, i bought one already but my expectation is rather low (to beat inflation), i don't think I would miss such target. If it turns out to be something like the stellar Somerset and Suasana Loft, it is a bonus!

Joe, we lack of world class developer like what HK and SG have, the Capitaland, Cheung Kong, HK land, etc. These developers manage to put resources together to come out something which bring synergy to the city. The Xin Tian di of Shanghai, Clark Quey and Bugis Junction of Singapore for example have not only brought back the glory of old streets but bring life and energy to the city. Such effort is highly anticipated in KL. If such thing happen, KL could attract world class professionals and investors which it deserves to.

I welcome CapitaMall Asia to KL, besides we do have a rising ambitious YTL at home in KL.

Posted by caisin on 03-Dec 2010

Chin you might be right as the point to bring the life back on track.

Again I'm still think that SG an HK are different as their country are sma and most of the company are GLC which they easy to control and plan as what they want to.

Whereas in MY, the company got their own restriction and most of the company are not link and there is no root to decide!

On the othe hands I see this is the positive as there is still plenty of room to grow compare to develop country as there is challenge there will be better development among each others

Posted by casey chin on 03-Dec 2010

caisin, it is not necessary to be GLCs too be success, see the state of arts strategy that CapitaMall Asia used in ChongQing, China.. you would know it is not about whether it is GLCs, it is about talents and strategy. I see similar effort from YTL, the Starhill Gallery showcase its potential. Besides, I don't think Cheong Kong is GLC.

By the way, have you decided on Suasana BC?

Posted by caisin on 03-Dec 2010

The HK company is among the world richest do you think?

As for SBC, you already got one and I'm still considering.

Posted by John Goh on 07-Jan 2011

Hey Casin, yes exquisite skyline sdn bhd was in Singapore to do the launch 3 weeks back with Norman their MD leading the team. I was there on the Sunday afternoon to have a look as they advertise in the paper that the lowest price for a unit would be like S$3XXK. Yeah to Malaysia would be like wow, big numbers but in Singapore, with that amount of money can one only own a 3 to 4 rooms government build HBD flat. But I was not that lucky as when talking to they marketing manager, she told me all was sold out in day 1 launch. I was there on day 2. :(

Thought did not manage to get the cheapest, I still did some asking and looking around. Selling price per sqft was like RM1,100 as you had mentioned. Fully and tastefully furnish is true with an additional cost of RM12K. Well, RM12K to fully and tastefully dress up the whole house is CHEAP!

The level they are marketing is only from 24th to 28th Floor. The biggest size amount each floor are the Type A. All Type A units comes with 2 parking lots whereas the other smaller units only comes with 1. The facing of the Type A unit are toward the KL Tower and also the soon to building Najib iconic 100 Storey building. The front view is fronted with wide spread of greens and no other bigger structure would be seem from level 24 and beyond. Another good part of this Suasanna is that Ascott is in the picture to do the service apartment part. I heard from Norman that Exquisite Skyline has an agreement with Ascott to lease and manage all units in these 5 storey. That would like an additional of 40 units of studio to 3 bedders for Ascott to market as service apartment. With this in picture, rate of RM450 a night for 3 bedder is a likelyhood. But they also do long term rental as well.

All in all, I was excited. With all this plus and pluses, I go on with the booking of a unit. I feel that this is just too hard a chance to miss. Yup there are cheaper condo around BC, but do bear in mind that this condo are like 10 to 20 years old! The younder among the crowd would be Residensi of 1 year plus. With Verticas leading the price market and Suasanna following and so is 6 Ceylon, I strongly believe that BC will be taking a environmental change soon seeing more newer condo coming up as the older one goes (like bolton). It is time for BC land to be revlaue and Verticas has taken the lead. Hence, with newer condo coming, I strongly believe that pricing will no longer be like RM600+. Instead, would be more likely to be like RM1,400 and above. So buying now would give us time to capitalise later with newer launch as we are riding on the wave of land valuation.

My personal point of view for now would be buy and wait to reap the fruit of good returns :)

Posted by caisin on 07-Jan 2011

Hi John,

So you get one unit for that and how much you get the unit and is bigger unit or those small unit?

How much is the the price you pay for? and loan how many %?

As you mention facing "Najib 100 storey" and this will be materialist?

Posted by PLY on 15-Jan 2011

looks like SBC is 'happening', probably one of the best property deal we will ever have...Singapore selling S$330 psf = RM800 psf...I think it should be snapped up within one day or few...