The Elements @ Ampang

Posted by panasel on 05-Aug 2010

Is it good investment to buy new launch Elements @ Ampang?

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Posted by pacmee on 06-Aug 2010

Can you hold for at least 3 to 5 years upon completion?

Posted by panasel on 07-Aug 2010

Is it good return if I can hold for 3 to 5 years... :) tks.

Posted by pacmee on 07-Aug 2010

As long as you have the holding power and can get a decent gross yield of 6% to 8%, it should be a good investment!

Posted by Joe on 08-Aug 2010

What price are you buying at? D'Rapport are also being built nearby, might get a little crowded and competition soon.

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Posted by K Y Wan on 28-Sep 2010

I m selling elements @ ampang also, i feel it is slightly high entrence fee. However, developer always sells a property price at 2~3 later. If we look at new project price today, most of the launching price is higher than our expectation. Indirectly to say, developers look very positive 2~3 years down the road.

In term of return, obviously elements or M suite areas are alternative to KLCC always.

Posted by Regional investor on 20-Apr 2011

I have put investment for 1560 sqt for Elements@Ampang. I think the capital appreciation return is promising.

The M-city will be launched next to Elements, M-city key selling points with uptrend market shopping units for 3 to 4 floors. Target will good outlook.

The benefits of Elements still maintain its privacy & security but yet can enjoy the neighborhood shopping paradise..

This also depend how success the launching of M-city..

Posted by Regional investor on 20-Apr 2011

Sorry correction. its 1570sq.ft..

Posted by PLY on 21-Apr 2011

Pro: strategically located, lifestyle development with potential expat living environment.

Con: high density with other development such as M-City and existing houses, noise from the highway?

With 3 years construction + 3 years clearance of 'stock', 6 years is not short. Anything can happen within this 'long' period of 6 years. with such a high entry price of more than 800psf, do you think is worth the risk? Ampang Hilir but again, it is only Ampang Hilir...

The main drawback is actually its relatively high entry cost with relatively high density. This is double risk that should be considered, in view of 6 years minimum investment horizon.

Posted by Regional investor on 21-Apr 2011

You're rightly pointed out.

I would say Ampang Hilir within 5km radius of KLCC area is long-term investment.

I had invested Apartment approximate 650sqft at Taipei 101 5km radius Xin YI district. The return after 5 years is booming ...300% percent.

I also have one unit along Jalan Ampang which costs me RM 210K at year 2003 and now appreciate to RM 390K..almost 100% return of investment ..of course excluded interest ratio calculation.

If you compared for Asia regional, use KLCC as landmark of yardstick any land within 5KM radius is worth to invest, of course depend on nearby location whether has sufficient amenities, infrastructure and entry-cost.

The impression given me in first thoughts of Elements Ampang is high-density but actual fact is wrong.

Each floor consists of 12 units but only 3 units (2 corner) and intermediate unit are > 1000sqft, so estimated family suite only have 4 person, other remaining unit is either Studio or 2 rooms unit for young executives or expat.. ( Simple calculation - 9x 2 person - 18 and 3x 4 person- 12 means only 20 person for each floor).

Noise level should be reduced as the Elements built at inner and behind of M-city, almost 100M from main road of Jalan Ampang..of course still have acceptable noise level but all urban city design is like this...

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Posted by Ricky Leong on 22-Apr 2011

Please try to learn more with the developer...if Sunrise/ Tan & Tan/E&O/BRDB, I'll jump into it.....Mayland??? Hum.....

Posted by Regional investor on 22-Apr 2011

i agreed the impression given by Mayland is not convincing..of course from Sunrise, Mah Sing or Tan & Tan ..definitely is a good buy.

But, please don't judge thing just based on bad track records, recently the appreciation of Sri Puramas II & Regalia KL is a good value return choice..just my 2 cents.

Investment choice is very subjective..

Posted by Joe on 22-Apr 2011

Mayland has a bad reputation of late delivery ... but most investors do pocket handsome gains from its projects after completion ... another thing i like about Mayland is all their properties are freehold!

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Posted by Ricky Leong on 24-Apr 2011

If high selling price then how to make money???

Posted by Regional investor on 24-Apr 2011

For my humble opinion, entry price of RM 650 sq ft, within 5km radius and key selling point of Sky garden at high floor..and plenty of facilities, of course after 2013 only we could value the furnishing.

but to me RM 650 is okay for investment..If > 700 then its need to think twice..within 2km to KLCC residence area, the price should be range from RM 900 to RM 1500 per sqft.

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Posted by Ricky Leong on 24-Apr 2011

How about the number of unit? Don't you think is to high?