Puncak damansara

Posted by star on 19-Apr 2010

What is the advantage & disadvantage of Puncak Damansara Condominium?

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Posted by Joe on 23-Apr 2010

Seems high density and located deep inside Kampung Sungai Ara. How much you getting, btw?

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Posted by Victor Cheong on 23-Apr 2010

Advantage: Location -Condo is nearby matured township of Bandar Utama and Damansara and also to major highways so its convenient for you to get to where you wanted to go. Price of condo also seems reasonable at this place.

Disadvantage: Also location - Its inside Kampung Sungai Ara and the road accessing to the condo is not to say fantastic.

It all depends on what's more important to you and budget of cause.

Posted by azril on 24-Apr 2010

Listen to me, PASS THIS!

Its location is the greatest drawback. It is located deep inside the village. And you have to pass through narrow roads to get in front of the main gate. With massive supplies in BU (Pelangi Utama & Pelangi Damansara 2), demand will stay at these new ones since they are better located. Not only that, you can actually find a few lelong units these days - mostly are bumi units.

Posted by PLY on 14-Dec 2010

So, is the situation still the same, narrow road deep inside the village? pass it or consider it??