Selayang 18 - Good for own stay or investment?

Posted by Simran on 29-Aug 2013


Do you think Selayang 18 will be a good investment in terms of location? The current value is about 557k for 1217sqf after discount.

Will like to hear on expert say?

P/S : The TM building is next to this property, any issue with radiation?

Thank you!

Answers (1)

Posted by Diane86 on 17-Sep 2013

Should be good for investment, heard that the MRT is going to pass through Selayang so got public transport. Developer also not bad. Their first project Menjalara 18 Residences was quite successful.

Shouldn't need to worry about radiation from TM because from what I understand we only need to worry about radiation from Tenaga because of the voltage they use. TM radiation only need to worry if you stand right in front of the satellite dish. ;) In fact should be a definite plus point staying right beside them... any problem with internet just call TM and tell them get someone to walk over immediately. LOL!