Indah Alam Condo

Posted by Andy Putra Realty on 17-Aug 2013

Puri aiyu is the first condo at Shah Alam section 22. Indah alam condo is much new . Which one will clients choose.?

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Posted by Andy Putra Realty on 17-Aug 2013

I will choose both

Posted by Aqilah on 19-Aug 2013

Puri Aiyu is the slightly older condo, but the management and security of the place is known to be strict. So, that is a good indication that they take their job seriously. The place has a good mix of races, so, for investment, that is a pretty good deal. They have also installed CCTV on every floor. But they could use a new coat of paint though.

For Indah Alam, the palce is relatively new. Not much complaint has been reported other than the density of the apartment. But, you may want to check again on the CF of this place.

But the traffic in the area is like whoa! though.

Posted by Diane86 on 21-Aug 2013

I'd go for Puri Aiyu because the building looks well maintained, and very important is the management has proved themselves to be strict which is a good thing. Because I currently stay in a condo which sinking funds are all missing, buildling looks like crap even though it's relatively new, and tenants owing up to RM13k++ but have not had any action taken against them. As a result, all the other tenants have to suffer the management's incompetence. So I'd go for Puri Aiyu because I don't know how the Indah Alam condo management will be like.