Which condo car park was flood recently?

Posted by K Y Wan on 15-Mar 2012

Newspaper never said which condo, but sort of 300 over cars was in problem.

Answers (4)

Posted by Cecils on 15-Mar 2012

USJ One Avenue.

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Posted by alwinleader on 16-Mar 2012

And accordingly to The Star - the developer is offering to the JMC Rm250,000 as goodwills compensation. And it is up to claim the vehicle damages ( if the clause had been added with the flood damage with extra payment )

Posted by Crystal2 on 03-Apr 2012

I drove around USJ 1 Avenue but don't see any water marks on the condo walls. Were the surrounding areas of USJ 1 Avenue flooded as well? What about the light industrial areas near USJ 1 Park which is near Grandville - was that flooded too? Would appreciate if anyone staying near there can advise. Thanks

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Posted by alwinleader on 03-Apr 2012

That's the only one to be flooded. Even the Carrefour car park which was at the basement was nor reported to be flooded with the dowmpour as no car was reported to be damaged.