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Posted by AlexChia on 17/01/2012 06:04

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Hi Property Sifu,

I am interested in purchasing an investment unit this year, but was considering factor (double deep recession, europe market debt, election) which may bring down a sub sales property. Should I wait for 1-2 year ?

The place I was looking was in Mount Kiara prefrence:

1. KiaraVille
2. Lumina (Nice unit, but was wondering how come its so bear without limited residence)
3. Ceriaan
4. KDS
5. Kiara 1888

Thank you

Warm Regards
Alex Chia

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Barry Low

Posted by Barry Low on 13/02/2012 04:23

Suggest you go for Verve Block A or B, price around RM 880psf...

So after Block D completed with the Verve shop and exhibition Hall being utilized,

There is a room to earn from appreciation...

Posted by AlexChia on 11/02/2012 11:39

Hi All,

Between Verve Block D(Brand New 960 sqft at 1.070mil, fully furnished) vs Tiffani (fully funirnised) 1756 at 1.010 mil, which would it be better for investment, need some good advise as I am confused....

Posted by PLY on 08/02/2012 07:22

Hi Fred, I think you are too exaggerating on S'pore condo price. For majority mass market condo, the most it will be S$1000-1500 psf. Those S$6000 psf and above, is those exceptional one. I think the reasonable comparison will be S$1250 psf, which translate to around RM3,000 psf...

For MK, it is for those medium to high risk taker...

For those conservative investor and for own stay, could look for those 'mass' market segment, those below RM500 psf...

btw, i not sure but with the uncertainties in the world, i doubt 'trying' your money luck now is advisable unless you really sitting on 'too much cash' that you don't want to keep...
Barry Low

Posted by Barry Low on 08/02/2012 06:57

Mont Kiara is suitable for investment if you are looking into rental return, Reasons is the foreign community is successfully building up, This is very important to those who are from overseas,

I see you are worrying about the price tag, However, I am thinking how is the impact to singapore if they are selling SG 6000 psf in their country which is equivalent to 12000 ++ psf in ringgit. I am comparing to almost same quality which is high end condominium

Ok, Maybe I compare to over price condominium, what about lower class condominium is Singapore which is selling SG 3000psf? = RM 6000 ++ pst
which also 10 times higher than Malaysia...

OK, someone question me, Malaysia land is 100 times bigger than singapore lo... Yes, It is right, everyone know it,

However, will government widen KL thru out the whole Malaysia? The value is in KL not the whole Malaysia, isn't it?

Look back KL centre property, which is highest is about RM 2500psf - RM 3000psf recently, I don't know about future,

then Look into Mont Kiara, highest is selling around RM 880psf to RM 950psf

Again, you compare to their small pieces of is SILLY idea, ok, give you a task now, try do your research in Bangkok high end property... How is the price, is it higher than Malaysia? Go check yourself.

If you really want to investment in property, please take my advice
1. Do it seriously, don't just buy and renovated like POOR PEOPLE house and try to rent out the same rate as others... Then I will called you a follower and not investor

2. Look at supply and demand. Example: Mont Kiara is over supply or big unit which is 2000sf and above, how about those within 1200 sf - 1600sf which most people can afford? They are still on demand right? Ordinary foreigner who come to work in Malaysia aren't they looking for a fair price rental rather than renting very expensive property?

3. Think like you are the tenant, think they you are going to stay in this house, is it comfortable? Could you relax in the house? Wow, Frederick, are you asking me to renovate to luxury? No! Tenant are looking for simply and nice plus comfortable and relax, many ikea furnitures also provide the feeling. A house with full of luxury furniture will scare tenant away because they think must be very expensive, or too many items will make the resident feel pressure when staying in the house.

Many to say, ask me more if you think my 2 cents help you, thanks

Posted by MX on 02/02/2012 08:38

I am a Malaysian but i work outside of Malaysia and recently i spent a couple of weeks traversing Kiara & Hartamas area scouting the area for potential investment. IMHO, the area should have lower price tag that it display right now. Terrible road condition, overcrowding, lack of infrastructure made me think twice of buying a unit here. I hope to see improvement but asking for it to happen overnight (in a year) seems to be a far fetch idea.

Posted by AlexChia on 19/01/2012 09:01

Thinking of future limited land in mount kiara, location, aspect rate.

But thinking of the economy slow down might have a great impact toward this area.

Posted by chesterproperty on 19/01/2012 05:59

why would you consider Mont Kiara condo for investment purpose?

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